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you are worth every word of love. worth every good deed, worth every smile, every tear of joy. you are worth the suns rays and the warm air, you are worth the happiness and the laughter. you are worth everything good and beautiful, give everyone and anyone this message, go to random blogs, someone you don't even know, stretch your ask limit, anon or not, tell them they are worth it. because the world needs more love.(。◕‿◕。)

— Hey guys~

Sorry for going MIA for the past few days. I really hate to fill you guys with excuses so lets make this quick. I have a lot of blogs to run, a life to work on, and is really bad at working with time.

So, for more important things, as you guys should know (or have already guessed) I enjoy writing. I’ve gotten a few asks and fanmail on my personal and this blog about my other writings or if I write anything other than these scenarios. I’m not too sure if I want to put up a link to all the writings I have because in reality there’s not that many (most of them are discontinued series) and they’re all really bad in my view. However, that will not stop me from writing! ;;

Well yeah. If you guys are interested;


Just to forewarn you all, the series are all discontinued unless stated otherwise. They are poorly written compared to my solo ones and are really a waste of time so don’t read them! Also, I’m not doing the to promote my writing/blogs/or anything like that. I’m just giving you guys something to read if you guys ever feel like it. Not everything is kpop, not everything is mumbo jumbo, but yeah. Have fun with that if you ever decide to drop by.

Back to scenarios! ;u;

requested by : anon

requested by : anon

she is a beautiful triple s who is always doing edit requests. She is very kind and sweet. I like her a lot :3

Hmm, maybe I’ll look up her tumblr when I’m not being a bum ._.’ Thanks for the tip :)

this one is perfectly fien... reminds if of hana-jo's old theme :3

Ah thank you ^^ I didn’t feel like changing it again~ /shot.

Merp, I can’t say I know who that person/blog is ._.’

— So you guys,

I’m trying to revive my inspiration for this blog and I thought a little revamping would do the trick. What do you guys think about it so far? I’m kinda too lazy to change it anymore than what it already is. Is it too messy or hard to navigate? I tried to pick a simple theme but not a bland one like the ones before ><’ Any suggestions?


the pinky promise ^^


the pinky promise ^^

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Requested by&#160;: anon

Requested by : anon

— Kyu Jong shii 감사합니다. If one person can pull back SS501 together, it is definitely you - the eternal center.

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out of the 300+ pictures of him that I have saved on my computer, these 5 are my favorite.

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